Only serious inquiry to purchase will be entertained. Please call or visit our main office for details.


In order for us to broker a rental unit on your behalf or search our available listings, we require that you complete our rental application form online.

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Owner Information

Property Information

List Type

Apartment Condo Townhome Single Family Coop

List/Asking Price

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Rental Application Checklist

    Must have documents in getting you your rental

    • If self-employed: Letter from CPA stating annual income.
    • Two most recent pay stubs
    • Last year's tax returns (W-2) or 1099
    • Copy of driver's license or passport
    • Credit check showing names, phone numbers, and addresses of your:
      • Employer
      • Banker
      • Accountant
      • Past landlords
      • Guarantor
    • Cash or certified, local, or traveler's checks for:
      • First month's rent
      • Security deposit - generally equivalent to one month's rent
      • Broker's fees of one (1) months rent

    Will definitely assist in getting you your rental

    • Personal reference letters
    • Business reference letters
    • If employed by company: Letter from your current employer (on company letterhead) stating your income, any other bonus payment (optional), position held, and length of employment.
    • Most recent bank and investment statements

Be ready when you call your broker to find a rental and arrange that visit. You can't afford to miss the right rental for you because you are not prepared to meet the requirements.

You need to be ready to pay up to two (2) months’ rent, brokerage fees and a credit check fee. Bring along the certified bank checks or traveler’s checks to guarantee that the rental is yours if the renter decides in your favour.